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Contact Information

If you have questions or would like information on placing a special order (i.e., a custom made soap or a large quantity of soaps), just feel free to send an e-mail.
David Melis, Certified Cold Process/Hot Process Soap Maker

Special Orders

Special orders are always welcome.  Options include:
  • Smaller sample sizes of our soaps that can be given as "goodie bag" gifts or used as guest-size soaps for out of town visitors or special occasions.  
  • Bulk orders, which, for us, is 20 or more soaps in a single order.
  • Custom-made soaps that are specially formulated for particular skin care needs and/or preferences for scent, color, or texture.
All special orders must be placed a minimum of eight weeks in advance of the desired delivery date.

For custom-made soaps, we have a minimum order requirement – about 1 1/4 lbs. of soap, which is roughly equivalent to five of our regular-size round bars or 12 of our guest-size soaps.  Depending on the ingredients used, a special order of this size will range between $40.00-$45.00.  

The photos to the right show our guest-size bar (about 1.8 ounces) next to one of our regular size bars (about 4.8 ounces). E-mail to learn more.

Side view of guest-size bars compared to regular-size bars
Photos of guest-size bar next to regular-size bar.

Top view of guest size bars compared to regular-size bars
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